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About Us
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Brief History

Welcome to a new era of customer-centric experiences

Frolic Group is a network of entities, alliances and agreements dedicated to create a new era of customer-centric services that don’t only offer you and your clients rewarding experiences but also bring leadership and innovation to your strategy table, both at individual and business levels.

Specialized in the areas of travel and tourism, digital marketing, events management and networking, Frolic Group has set its vision to integrate your preferences into highly personalized plans you are proud to lead.

Years of knowledge and market expertise compile into the variety of solutions we put at your disposal. Be it for your next trip, special event, business launch or expansion, our team will always support your moments that matter, driving the momentum of positive experiences between you and the ones you care about.

Even if experiences were planned by the mind, it is the heart they are meant for.

How We Do it

1st Step:

Manage Your Expectations

Even if we will exceed them anyways

Our work starts and ends with your unique needs and expectations. In the middle, we meet, greet, talk and listen to clearly identify your goals and discuss your preferred approach to make them happen.

2nd Step:

Get All Hands on Deck

While keeping you at ease

We have set a detailed working process, clearly planned and delegated, to make sure the biggest targets are divided into easily achievable tasks that save you time, cost and error.

3rd Step:

Sign Off With Success

According to your own terms

Our dedicated teams put their checklists to work in this phase. With multiple rounds of assessment, we finalize your request by customizing your experience down to the last detail.